Options Trading: Make Big Moves

Options Trading: Make Big Moves

A look at Matt Choi’s Certus Trading Trading Education Programs

Chartered Market Technician Matt Choi founder and chief strategy of Certus Trading. Certus Trading offers comprehensive training courses for investors and traders so they can better understand markets and develop their own customized trading strategies.

The educational course offered by Certus Trading contains a range of accessible and comprehensive courses.

Blueprint for Advanced Options Strategy

This program is for traders with a basic understanding of trading options. The course is for aggressive traders looking to make huge profits but still manage their risk. Matt Choi gives traders eight strategies they can use to make high-probability trades across any market.

Matt Choi teaches options traders the best ways to pick stocks and make large moves over the next year. He also demonstrates how to set trades in cruise control to maximize return.

Mastering Commodity Spreads

This comprehensive course, which lasts six weeks, teaches futures traders by Matt Choi how to find and capitalize on the best commodity spreads. Traders will be taught how to structure spread trades, and trade commodities throughout the year.

Advanced Strategies for Commodities and Financial Futures

Advanced Strategies for Commodities and Financial Futures offers a comprehensive guide about commodities and financial markets. This course will teach floor traders the importance of metrics and indicators, the real consequences behind open interest, volume, and the best entry and exit strategy that offers high reward to risk ratios.

Technical Analysis: Mastering

Matt Choi, Chartered Market Technie, uses technical analysis as the foundation for many trading Certus Trading Review strategies. Matt provides essential risk management and trend continuation tips for investors and traders.

Forex Trading: Profit Blueprint

The program helps traders execute successful swing trades on the Forex market. This course will teach you how to use advanced technical analysis in Forex trading. You’ll also learn how to use economic data to predict Forex price changes and how to use Forex futures trading for arbitrage opportunities.

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